India Kuo Shu Federation

  "Grand Master Title"



Martial arts expert Master Jugeshwor Singh has been awarded with Black Belt 7 th Degree Rank and the title of Honorable Grandmaster by the International Combat Martial Arts Association  (ICMAA) H.Q – Latvia.

He said: "To achieve the Black Belt 7th Duan (Degree) with International Grand Master title, I had to demonstrate a continuing development of scientific understanding and experience in Kung Fu (Chinese Martial Arts).

"I carry out research into experiential learning and martial arts, and its application in the Association, which further develops my knowledge.”I ‘am really proud to have achieved this standard, and hope to continue practicing and teaching in martial arts for many years to come."

Master Jugeshwor Singh is the founder, chairman of International Academy for learning Martial Arts, Manipur and India Kuo Shu Federation and authorized, Registered under The World Kuo Shu Federation, H.Q-USA and World Martial Arts Council, H.Q-United Kingdom.  

The International Academy for Learning Martial Arts, Manipur and India Kuo Shu Federation, Manipur has right to validate coaching awards, regulate teaching standards and develop courses for martial arts Instructors that lead to Martial Arts Performance. Master Jugeshwor Singh is presently working for Indus International School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India as Martial Arts Head and more than 10 clubs are functioning under him in Bangalore alone.

Master Jugeshwar was born on 27 Oct 1977 in Turel Wangma, Kakching of Manipur. His parents, Ibomcha and Keinaton Devi. He has been studying the combat arts intensively since 1999. He started teaching in 2000, and has been a full-time professional in the field of martial arts education. He enjoys complete breadth of Kung Fu system’s lesson plan, including weapon training. He is fond of caring for our planet and remarks that the association is the greatest source of joy in his life. Master Jugeshwor has been a member and Representative of India for British International Kick Boxing & Martial Arts Association, H.Q–United Kingdom and World Kick Boxing and Martial Arts Association H.Q–United Kingdom, He qualified NIS (National Institute of Sports, Patiala, India) and has handful of experience in Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing and Muaythai. He participated in World Muaythai Championship 2011 held at Tashkent, Uzbekistan as Team India Coach. Although he maintains that Kung-fu is his true passion, Master Jugeshwor enjoys teaching forms, fighting application and Meditation with breathing techniques for self discipline and concentration. He enjoys the varied weapons of system, particularly the cyber sword, staff, Nunchaku and three section staff.

Master Jugeshwor enjoys teaching the breadth of the Kung-Fu lesson plan as a means of self-improvement for students. He attributes many of his personal achievements to the discipline learned through his Kung-fu training.

A Master of Kung-Fu, he developed the unique, strategy-based Federation Kuo Shu, Kung Fu System which was first taught to students via the IALMAM, and which is now becoming more & more widespread & popular around the world.

Master Jugeshwor also teaches private lessons by appointment on Saturday and Sunday.For more information regarding private instruction, Master Jugeshwor can be reached via