India Kuo Shu Federation


About us

India Kuo Shu Federation is a private, non-profit making Federation created with the aim of managing the following sports: Kuo Shu, Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi Chuan, in their various modalities, styles, methods and training techniques, with an emphasis on the martial and/or therapeutic forms from China.

Besides its organizational objective, India Kuo Shu Federation also has cultural, social, philanthropic, recreational and educational aims, with no political or partisan interests.

It welcomes anybody who is directed to it, irrespective of social class, nationality, color or religious belief.

In view of the extraordinary growth of the Kuo Shu National Championships in India and the increasing participation of athletes from other Club and State in our National Championships. We shall continue our efforts to internationalize Kuo Shu more and more.


Black Belt 7th Duan- ICKU 

Founder - IALMAM
Chairman - IKSF