Welcome to the KSKFI Website

The Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Federation of India (KSKFI) working title 'the Federation' would like to extend a warm welcome to all Clubs and Federations, practising the Chinese Martial Arts in India.

About us

'The “Federation”was set up in accordance with the The World Kuo Shu Federation's guidelines in 2012 and was granted Sports Federation Recognized Governing Body. Currently we have 15 State Associations and 20 Clubs in membership, representing over 50 Members across all of the major disciplines of Chinese Martial Arts.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of 'the Federation' are very simple, they are to:

  • To promote the study and safe practice of Chinese Martial Arts and regulate as far as possible, the ever-growing numbers of clubs and organizations claiming to teach Chinese Martial Arts.
  • Act as an advisory body on all matters appertaining to the practice of the Chinese Martial Arts, through liaison with statutory and voluntary bodies, news media and other relevant parties.
  • Affiliate to, assist, co-operate with the support Club and State organizations having objectives approved by Provide the Members Council.
  • Members with such services and support as may be available through their membership.
  • Provide members with such services and support as may be available through their membership.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of a Sports Council recognized Governing Body, you will have easier access to Local Authority Sports Centre facilities.

  • Access to Governing Body Coach Education Programme - coaching manuals and supporting documentation.
  • Access to National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in Chinese Martial Arts at beneficial rates.
  • Access to courses - seminars by National and internationally recognized masters/authorities.
  • Opportunity to be part of the policy making body or policy decision process.
  • Opportunity to develop inter club, inter style relationships.
  • Free advertising for your Association/clubs or events on the KSKFI web site.
  • Entry to Governing Body National Championships and chance of selection to National Team to represent the India at Asia and World Championships. (Modern Wushu, Kuo Shu Kungfu,Taolu and Full Contact Leitai events).